• Presenting Partner Exotel
  • Organized by Scribe Minds & Media

Humanize Engagements in the Healthcare industry by powering Connected Patient Interactions:

How healthcare organizations in UAE can deliver transformational experiences using the most advanced customer conversational platform

  • Date: 23th August 2023
  • Address: Boulevard, Dubai

Event Overview

The UAE is actively embracing digital health technologies to enhance healthcare delivery. This includes telemedicine, remote monitoring, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. The industry is investing in digital infrastructure and platforms to improve access to care, facilitate remote consultations, and enhance the overall patient experience.

The healthcare industry in the UAE is moving towards a more integrated and collaborative approach. This involves closer coordination among healthcare providers, including hospitals, clinics, and primary care centers, to ensure seamless care transitions and improve patient outcomes. Integrated care models and informationsharing platforms are being developed to facilitate collaboration and improve the continuity of care.

The UAE healthcare industry is placing a strong emphasis on patient-centered care. There is a shift towards involving patients in decision-making processes, promoting shared decision-making, and respecting patient preferences and values. Patient feedback mechanisms and satisfaction surveys are being actively used to improve care delivery and enhance the patient experience.

The industry is striving to provide high-quality, patient-centered care while embracing innovation and collaboration to meet the evolving healthcare needs of the population. At this round table on ‘Humanize engagements in Healthcare by powering Connected patient interactions’, learn how healthcare organisations in UAE can orchestrate Connected patient interactions - listen to patients, remember all patient interactions across multiple platforms to enhancE patient experience and improve overall health outcomes.

A connected patient journey would enable patients to fix an appointment online, talk to doctors through a secure call which can be recorded and sent back to patients for future reference, receive lab prescriptions through a WhatsApp bot and reschedule appointments without any hassle. Disconnected communication channels and scattered data put healthcare businesses at a great disadvantage today with the evolving healthcare needs of the population. To hear on how organisations are striving to provide high-quality, patient-centered care, be part of this exclusive closed-door discussion along with top 10 delegates from the leading healthcare firms

Boardroom Objectives:

  • Understand patient support & experience ecosystem from the C-level executives of the leading healthcare firms in UAE
  • Educate these firms on what connected patient interactions can look like and how they can orchestrate these
  • Drive Exotel’s brand awareness in UAE (we launched our ‘Exotel’ brand in the UAE on 16th Feb 2023, here is the link of the PR release)
  • Book meetings with interested accounts (there and then) - book meetings at the boardroom - in-person or virtual
  • Eventually create opportunities from these accounts to help build funnel in Q2 itself which can be closed by sales in Q3 FY’24

Key Takeaways

  • Expected growth in the UAE’s healthcare sector, sector’s vision for 2023 and a few technology and patient experience and engagement trends that are shaping the sector in UAE
  • Operational and patient engagement challenges faced by the healthcare & health-tech sectors such as ineffective appointment scheduling, no way to track doctor’s SOP and call recordings, lack of an effective way for doctors and patients to connect virtually, lack of unified view of patient history, lack of an effective emergency response system, etc.
  • How are the healthcare and health-tech sectors addressing the above challenges?
  • Delivering connected patient conversations across the journey - from seamless appointment booking, to telemedicine, lab reports/ prescription sharing, appointment rescheduling to delivering high quality care using unified view of patient history
  • Rising patient expectations and how are the healthcare & health-tech sectors in UAE responding to these?